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Our tables look great and play even better. Our exclusive pool tables are made from single slate and the highest quality materials, they are able to withstand the demands of even the most busy venue, while attracting even more customers than competing tables

As well as our market leading pool tables, we also offer a variety of other games equipment, including contactless payment table football and air hockey. Have a look at our most common gaming equipment below and see how it can transform your site.

We exclusively use SAM Leisure tables in the UK and we are the only operator of contactless payments systems on these professional standard tables, with the first conversions to contactless going back to 2012.

Have a browse below and look at our gallery and case study to see just a few of our client success stories.



Latitude 48 (2).jpg
Contactless table football
Contacless air hockey table

American pool typically yields higher revenue


Customers are attracted to the style of play and the aesthetic ('stripes and spots' is associated with a higher quality player experience)


Bigger ball and pocket sizes makes it more accessible.


Games complete more quickly, resulting in increased plays within a given time period

Reds and yellows is the obvious difference, but there are many more

Smaller balls and pockets require greater skill

Curved pockets make certain shots harder

The choice for more traditionally minded customers, or pool halls running English Pool leagues.

Table football remains a popular game for all ages

With the UKs first contactless table football on the premier SAM Tecno, the game is proving irresistible to all age groups

Find out more today about how this table could enhance your premises

Air Hockey used to just be considered a game which could only be played in leading bowling sites

With this fantastic conversion to the SAM Ice Track, we can bring contactless air hockey to your luxury pub, bar, club, student accommodation or other upmarket areas

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