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Contactless Pool Tables - How it works


Zero Cost,  Zero Risk, Hassle Free

Contactless Operations provide top quality gaming tables that are ready to go, fitted with a 3G/4G enabled contactless payment reader. We operate on a revenue share basis in a pure partnership approach (no upfront capital costs and/or ongoing rental commitments).


We also provide all ancillary premium equipment needed to start and continue playing, with our full service and maintenance package included.

The Canal House, Birmingham


The Canal House is quite simply one of the trendiest bars in the UK.

Owned by The New World Trading Company, who operate established chains The Botanist and The Florist, the venue opened in 2017. Contactless Operations are proud to have partnered with the group and have provided The Canal House with two luxury 'Royal Class' American Pool tables, with unique contactless payment technology.

The ability to provide contactless payments technology, coupled with the aesthetic fit of this table, marks a paradigm shift in American Pool in the UK.

If you fancy a game on one of the UK's first contactless pool tables in one of the best locations in the UK, you can't look any further than The Canal House

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