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About Air Hockey

SAM ICE TRACK - Professional Contactless Air Hockey

Contactless Operations are proud to boast the UK's first manufactured contactless air hockey table which we recently exhibited at the Holiday Parks Innovation Show at the NEC.


This table features a stunning silver alloy veneered plywood cabinet with matching silver legs and cabinet corners. The Methacrylite playfield is super durable, scratch resistant and high gloss, with the added advantage that the scorer is mounted under the bed. This means that the score is clearly displayed and removes the need for an overhead gantry or surface mounted plinth. 


SAM’s unique easy level system allows quick and accurate levelling of the table, and the entire piece is constructed to the same specification as their commercial air hockey range, which has a proven pedigree in the harshest of environments.  

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Why Use Sam Tables?

With the solid construction, SAM’s unique easy level system for the most accurate level possible, the super fast puck speed, the electronic scorer and sound system, recording goals and overall score plus music and sound effects; this table is perfect for every environment.



  • Fast, furious, energetic game which provides aerobic exercise and improves coordination.

  • Sound effects – Volume adjustable.

  • LED display scorer.

  • SAM’s “Easy Level” – Adjust the height and level with just a 13mm spanner, no lifting required.

  • Marine ply cabinet for durability.

  • Extruded metal top rail with puck retention system.

  • Methacrylate playfield for speed and durability.

  • Games can be set to number of goals or number of minutes.

  • CE approved.

  • 7ft commercial model size and standard height suitable for fully grown adults down to 5 year olds.

  • Supplied with a genuine SAM fast puck, a SAM quite/slow puck and two SAM bats.

  • Easy access via keys to clear any foreign objects which fall into the goalmouth.

  • Proven commercial reliability.

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