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About English Pool

English pool remains a popular options for many pubs within the UK.


English pool was conceived as a bar game that borrowed the skill and tactics from the snooker that British players were familiar with, played on a smaller table suitable for British pubs and bars. Innovative at the time, red and yellow balls are now synonymous with pool in the UK and the game has developed into a serious sport in its own right with a nationwide network of leagues and tournaments played to professional standards.

For English pool, we only use the SAM Atlantic pool table which is used exclusively for BAPTO pool tournaments.


It is a stunning commercial table, played by professionals of the highest standards.


Different Finishes

Cabinet Options


Cloth Colours


Our mission is to drive the best gaming experiences by using the highest standard of equipment and to solely use contactless payments.


Used across the UK in various leading commercial sites, SAM tables have become renowned with quality, durability and good looks.

Read below for some of the unique features which make these tables stand out from the crowd.

ProActive Cushion system – SAM Pool tables feature totally aluminium extruded top frames. All top frame components are bolted metal to metal reducing movement and wear, and the frame fits more accurately to the cabinet. The real genius of the ProActive system is in the cushion fit. Cushions are profiled to match the aluminium top and secured by a full length plate. Standard 10mm bolts fit snugly into the extrusion and give consistent cushion response along the whole length. The simple fitting routine needs no special tools.

Ply Cabinet - Plywood construction gives SAM tables great strength and durability, without excess weight. Less susceptible to damp conditions, easier to repair when damaged and harder wearing at joints and fixings than the more commonly used MDF.

Slate bed - There is no substitute for slate when it comes to a level playing field. A natural material hewn from the great mountain ranges of the world, diamond honed to perfection by SAM, stored and prepared in just the right environment to ensure perfect level when installed.

Easy level - SAM tables are a piece of cake to level with just a 13mm open ended spanner. No lifting of the table required at all so no help required and greater accuracy can be achieved with your spirit level.

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