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Contactless Operations are proud to showcase the UK’s first contactless table football

Contactless Operations are proud to unveil the UK's first contactless payment table football machine - exclusively using the SAM Arena table football. Demand for these products is on the rise, with more and more high-end bars, pubs and social sites deciding to go down the cashless route.

Why partner with Contactless Operations?

Increased revenue

A major draw of contactless is the increased takings made possible by contactless systems. Players can’t run out of cash, so there are more games played in an average session when running contactless payments and it only takes a tap to play again.

Price of play can also be tailored (to the penny is desired) and can be increased or decreased remotely to suit a venue’s demographics. With players not needing to have exact change, it gives another reason to keep playing. Customers are unlikely to bemoan a change in price from £1.75 to £1.95, but the percentage increase in revenue, multiplied over the number of plays in a year, can give real bottom-line advantages to venues.

Cash flow and risk reduction

When taking a contactless gaming table on via revenue share, there is no capital investment or on-going rental agreements. As an operator, Contactless Operations place tables on-site purely under a revenue share model. This keeps vital cash in your business and removes risk; particularly helpful in light of the hospitality industry’s recovery from COVID.

It also means that you'll only receive the best service and ongoing standards, from a provider just as invested in the upkeep and quality of the gaming machinery. We won't be engaged in a 'race to the bottom' when it comes to standards and quality.

Customer experience and product quality through partnership

Having quality gaming tables on site is a proven way to please the crowds. Happier customers, particularly if they’re engaged in playing games of pool, or fancy hanging on for a go at air hockey, are sticky customers. Statistics repeatedly prove that gaming tables improve venue ratings.

Quality is key though. Poorly manufactured equipment quickly loses its appeal. At Contactless Operations, we exclusively use SAM tables, manufactured in Europe. Our pool tables are single slate and built to be able to withstand heavy and constant use, from even the most busy commercial environments. Normally, tables of this quality would be an expensive investment, but this cost is removed under the revenue share model.

Consistency also counts. A broken table, or one that players don’t want to come back to, is going to do more harm than good. To ensure quality, under the profit share model, Contactless Operations undertakes an annual maintenance visit to re-level, check mechanics and ensure ‘good as new’ playability (for pool tables, also fit a new cloth as standard).

We also only use the best accessories – for pool tables, that means Aramith balls, premium cues and all the extras (including wall racks, spare tips, chalk, table brushes and covers) to get you going.


Sticky customers also provide opportunities to increase take on other onsite products or services, such as food and beverages. As an example, pool players will be on-site longer and will typically drink 1.5 additional beverages per person than non-players. At roughly 3 additional drinks sold per pool session, the added value is clear to see.


Contactless payments mean that there’s no more need for someone to empty the table and count out the takings. These are simply transferred directly by BACS into a bank account, leaving a venue with nothing to do but watch the profits come in.

Venues will also no longer need to provide small change to players who want to keep playing but only have paper money on them.

Green credentials

Perhaps a surprising one, but with no need for cash collection agents to visit a venue, the carbon footprint of operating a contactless table is lower than traditional cash-taking tables. We also recycle all cloth with every annual re-cloth.

What’s stopping you?

Visit us online today at or speak to one of the team directly to find out more.


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